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Welcome to Fen Pest Control

Pest Control in Kent and the surrounding areas.

We have proved ourselves to be completely able to handle pest control contracts from the smallest shop or restaurant, to rodent control on some of the largest sewerage treatment works in the United Kingdom. Even bird proofing of five stories high air filters on a power station, Fen Pest Control Ltd has shown itself capable of meeting any challenge, giving a reliable, cost effective and professional service.

For Pest Control in Kent & Surrounding Areas, Call Us Today!

Fox Control
Fox Control

We are specialists in the field of fox control using all legal control methods available.

Whether it be in an inner city garden, a waste site, or a rural farmers field, Fen Pest Control has the ability and skill for the task at hand.

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Insect Control
Insect Control

We are able to offer an all year round control program including the use of pheramone traps, cuttingout of webs and spraying. We believe this to be the most comprehensive treatment program available in this area.

Pest Control
Pest Control

They destroy and contaminate foodstuffs, damage buildings and materials, and spread disease. Farms, houses, hospitals, schools, food factories, hotels and restaurants all provide shelter and sustenance for an exploring rat.

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